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As a student athlete, you have a legal right to monetize your personal branding, including your name, image, and likeness (NIL). However, the widespread digitization of modern media has led many athletes to lose control over their brand use. Don’t let that happen to you!

At Coach NIL, our NIL lawyers are committed to providing knowledgeable, comprehensive NIL representation for NCAA student athletes. Our extensive legal experience and detailed compliance knowledge give us the necessary skill set to represent college athletes, just like you.

Why Choose a Coach NIL Lawyer?

A Coach NIL lawyer has extensive legal experience across a range of service areas. Most importantly, we are not a marketing firm! We only want to make sure that you get the brand protection you need to attract endorsements and control how your school can – and can’t use your likeness. When you hire a NIL lawyer from our team, you can benefit from the following:

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  • Comprehensive Knowledge

    We know NIL legislation like the back of our hands and stay up to date about ever-changing statutes and regulations in the athletic branding realm. You can trust our comprehensive, knowledgeable legal approach to NIL laws help you secure the most compensation for your NIL usage.

  • Commitment to Individualization

    We strive to create a customized, individual legal approach for each of our student athlete clients. Whether you are a football player, basketball player, or any other college athlete, you can feel confident that we will put our full efforts and attention into providing the top-notch name, image, and likeness services you need to protect student athlete’s personal brand.

  • All-In Approach

    Trying to stay up to date about NCAA NIL related compliance and NIL laws can be stressful and time-consuming for you. At Coach NIL, we’ll take the burden of NIL rules and compliance off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your schooling and athletic performance.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Unlike most other image and likeness NIL attorneys, Coach NIL offers flexible payment plans on every NIL deal to help you protect your brand as quickly as possible, even if funds are tight.



We provide qualified, licensed representation for student athletes, licensors, and business partners looking to engage student athletes in NIL opportunities, promotions, or marketing material. Our NIL law firm compliance services include the following:

Why choose us


NIL legal issues can attract a lot of media interest and can be particularly stressful. Our NIL lawyer will work hard with you to understand your goals.
  • Compliance & Reporting

    We cover student athletes’ NIL compliance, reporting, and disclosing requirements to protect their legal interests.

  • Contract Drafting

    If you have an endorsement deal, no matter how small, get it in writing. Our firm drafts and reviews endorsement contracts on behalf of athletes with your – NOT your school’s athletic departments – interests in mind to protect them in NCAA compliant NIL deals.

  • “Group” Licensing Opt-Out

    We help athletes review and, when necessary, opt out of school group licensing deals. Many universities have signed school contracts with bulk license agencies that benefit them, but they don’t have your best interests in mind!

  • Risk Management

    Our firm works by providing representation to protect athletes from the recruiting process through graduation and beyond.

  • Scholarship Review

    We ensure our clients’ interests are protected within the rules of their universities. Review your scholarship documents with the help of a sports attorney.

  • Avoid Tax Surprises

    A NIL lawyer can help you understand, anticipate, and plan for the money earned and tax impact of your endorsement deals or potential NIL issues… long before April 15th.


Your name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights include the right to control the use of your identity in a commercial landscape. Name, image, and likeness are just three components that encompass your “right of publicity” in NCAA sports. Other components, such as autograph signings and signatures, social media account, nickname, and symbols, can also fall under your NCAA NIL rights.

NCAA NIL rights can help you stop companies from using your branding without deals or permission. For example, strong protection from NIL attorneys will force corporations to compensate you for doing the following:

  • Selling a jersey that includes your name or nickname
  • Featuring you in a commercial or advertisement
  • Including you in a video game or other virtual media

Athletes should receive compensation in most instances when a company uses their branding to make money with no business deal.

Name Image and Likeness NIL rights are constantly shifting under new state legislation and NCAA eligibility policies. As knowledgeable NIL lawyers, we can be a game changer and business partner and help you benefit and navigate these complex rules to maintain your rights to making money and ensure that you receive adequate compensation for any unauthorized non compliance NIL scenarios.

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To do right by the athletes and help them shine in the NCAA while allowing them to focus on the classroom and the arena.

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