Navigating the world of name, image, and likeness (NIL) in college athletics can be challenging due to the ever-changing landscape. If you’re a college athlete in Kansas looking to monetize your personal branding, it’s important to understand and comply with NIL regulations set forth by the NCAA. To ensure you make informed decisions and avoid any potential setbacks to your athletic career, it may be helpful to seek legal guidance from a qualified NIL attorney.

Are You A Kansas Athlete Looking for NIL Representation?

At Coach NIL, our team of attorneys in Kansas has expertise in assisting student-athletes with NIL matters and maximizing compensation opportunities. We also offer representation in cases where a company has used your name, image, or likeness without your permission. If you’re a Kansas athlete in need of NIL representation, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist you.




Whether you are a student-athlete looking to capitalize on your NIL or your business is looking to engage student-athletes to promote your goods and/or services, consider consulting with a licensed attorney to ensure you have a clear understanding of all your obligations and rights under applicable federal and state laws.


Hiring an experienced Kansas NIL lawyer can provide numerous benefits for your NCAA athletic rights and career. When you work with our Coach NIL team, we can offer the following legal representation services:

  • Help you negotiate NIL opportunities
  • Assist you in drafting and reviewing sponsorship and endorsement agreements
  • Help you remain compliant with NIL guidelines
  • Advise and represent you through players’ union disputes
  • Guide you through a range of business endeavors
  • Help you uphold your educational rights
  • Review your professional relationships and deals for right violations
  • Represent you in court to dispute NIL violations or other unlawful scenarios

We’re well-versed in the power imbalances that often occur in the college athletic industry, giving us the knowledge necessary to identify and rectify these issues on our clients’ behalf.

When you hire our team, we’ll take a personalized approach to your representation, allowing you to gain the most benefits from our services. Contact our Coach NIL team today at (312) 668-7885 to schedule your free consultation or learn more about our legal representation for athletes.


As a college athlete in Kansas, complying with NCAA guidelines is essential to your career. However, because NIL laws are ever-changing and highly complex, you may not always be sure that an activity or opportunity you take advantage of is compliant.

Working with a qualified legal team can ensure that you make intelligent, compliant NIL decisions throughout your career in college athletics. When you work with our Coach NIL team, we can provide the following advising services:

  • Strategize: Our extensive NIL representation experience can allow us to craft a compelling, personalized strategy to maximize your earnings throughout NIL opportunities.
  • Protect your image: We can help you maintain a positive student-athlete identity throughout any NIL opportunities you participate in.
  • Identify opportunities: We can assist you in identifying NIL opportunities that suit your schedule and athletic goals.
  • Clarify your rights: We’ll ensure that you understand all of your rights under NIL statutes and your school’s policies, helping you identify non-compliant scenarios.
  • Negotiate agreements: If you’re interested in a specific NIL opportunity, we can negotiate with the company on your behalf to create a deal that works for all entities involved.
  • Aid compliance: We can guide and review all of your NIL opportunities to ensure that they remain compliant with your school’s guidelines.
  • Review contracts: Our legal knowledge can allow us to review and explain NIL contracts, ensuring that you understand their details before signing.


If you are a college athlete in Kansas, retaining the services of a professional legal team can aid you in navigating NIL compliance and digital avatar licensing. At Coach NIL, we offer the following services:

  • Identifying digital avatar licensing opportunities
  • Negotiating digital avatar licensing agreements to maximize your compensation
  • Ensuring compliance with your school’s NIL policies during digital NIL opportunities
  • Assisting you in claiming compensation for appearances in video games

By working with us, you can benefit from our expertise and guidance in these areas.


At Coach NIL, we have extensive experience assisting college athletes with a range of contract-related tasks. Our contract services include:

  • Drafting contracts to legally bind companies to NIL opportunities they have offered
  • Reviewing NIL and other athletic-related contracts to ensure you fully understand their terms
  • Negotiating sponsorship contracts to maximize the benefits of a NIL deal

By continuing to work with our legal team for athletic advising services, we can also help ensure that all parties involved adhere to the terms of the contract.

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  • Entity Creation

    We help athletes start businesses, form charities and ensure they are protected from personal liability.

  • Risk Management

    Our firm works to protects college athletes from recruitment until college graduation.

  • Scholarship Review

    We ensure our clients’ interests are protected within their universities. Review your scholarship documents with the help of a sports attorney.

  • Trust Accounting

    We serve athletes and their families to prepare for paying taxes, establish budgets, and plan for life after college.

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